What can PSG Certification do for you?

The PSG Certification Program provides added value that can set you apart from the rest. It is a great addition to your resume and provides proof that you are keeping up with the ever changing industry. Just attend 5 PSG courses and fulfill the necessary requirements below to complete your certification.


Follow these simple steps to earn your PSG Certification:


1. Select one of the four (4) certification areas which best matches your professional development objectives or needs:


Regulatory Affairs


Manufacturing Operations


Quality Control (Laboratory)


Quality Assurance



2. Check the “Events List” on www.psg.ca to see PSG's upcoming courses and their certification areas.


3. Pick the course(s) you would like to attend for your certification area and complete the course registration.


4. Attend five (5) PSG courses to earn your certification. A minimum of three (3) courses must be from your area of expertise and the rest can be electives (from any area).


5. Once you have completed all 5 courses, send an email to info@psg.ca and list all relevant courses you have attended.


Tip: To view the courses that you have attended to date, you can login to www.psg.ca and click on your name at the top right hand corner.


Please note: PSG Certification Program courses will be accepted retroactive from September 2001.