Welcome to the Brand New PSG Website!

We have finally launched our new website and hope that you are enjoying the new look and host of new features that we have added. We know that your time is valuable and visiting a website with easily accessible information, simple navigation, and features which save you time are important. We hope that this new website will do all of that and more.


Our website team has worked on this website for the past year. It has truly been a team effort and we could not have done it without the help of our staff, board, and volunteers. With this new website, we want you to have easy access to the areas that you visit most often. This is why we have designed the homepage to feature our upcoming events, the webinar library, most recent job postings, and our new blog. This allows you to be able to click directly to the information that you are looking for, right from the homepage.


We also want the website to appeal to new visitors. We have added a new eNews signup button to allow new individuals who don’t know much about the PSG to easily signup to receive news and announcements; there is no longer a need to create a full profile to do this! We have also added an interactive event calendar which allows you to view all of our upcoming events in a calendar format. Each event on the calendar is clickable so you will be able to read more information about the event and register. Events are also now sortable by certification area or by city. This makes it easier for you to view the events that are relevant to you. Additional features related to events include: speaker photos, interactive maps for each event, online invoicing, testimonials from past attendees, group discounts for event tickets, and the ability for an administrator to register a group of individuals for an event! There are so many new features included in this website to help you view and register for events.


We have also made changes to your user profile. You will now be able to do more with your profile including the ability to view your past events, print receipts, view payment history and status, and much more! This increased functionality will save you time and give you the power to do more with just the simple click of a button.


Our new webinar library is also a feature which we are very excited about. Online training is something that PSG has recently started offering and we plan on offering a lot more webinars in the coming year. We have made it easy to access our past webinars which we have recorded and included in this on-demand library. These webinars are offered exclusively to Pro Plus members at no additional cost (other than your regular membership fee). And, as a bonus to our current Pro members, we will be offering access to this webinar library until your membership expires on August 31st!


We hope that you enjoy all of the new features of our new website! As always, we would love to hear your feedback. Please send your comments to info@psg.ca.