Can you believe it, we survived 2020! Last year was certainly filled with many challenges and uncertainty, however, with great determination and resilience, our industry was able to persevere, lead and help millions of people through the important work that we do. On that note, I would like to wish a very happy new year to each of our members.


For the team at the PSG, 2021 represents a very special milestone as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our organization’s inception. Since 1971 the PSG has been proud to support our peers in the pharmaceutical industry through our training and professional development services. Our mandate of ‘your professional development is our priority’ has remained true to the core of all our operations.


The success of the organization over the years is largely due to the dedicated and committed volunteers which have played an integral role in the growth of the PSG.  One such volunteer who immediately stands out is Max Zive. Max is not only the recipient of the 2018 PSG Lifetime Achievement Award but is currently an Ex-Officio on our Board of Directors and active member on our distinguished Advisory Board. To kick off our year of celebration, it only seemed fitting that we asked him to say a few words in refection to his many years of service below.


 - Amanda Wright, PSG Executive Director








The National Pharmaceutical Sciences Group (PSG) was formed as an offshoot of the Chemical Institute of Canada in 1971 by Dr. Sydney Smith of Novopharm who also served as the organization’s first President. Dr. Smith recognized the urgent need and importance of providing quality professional training, education and certification to Canada’s small but growing pharmaceutical industry. With determination and great ambition, Dr. Smith and his wife ran the PSG office from their home basement.


Upon my immigration to Canada in the 1980s from South Africa, I decided to pursue a new business venture. Utilizing my valuable experience in business, pharma industry, and contacts, I was able to set up a “state of art” manufacturing facility and laboratory in Toronto named Genpharm Inc. My VP of Regulatory Affairs at that time, Sam Lakhani informed me that he was a member of a group called the PSG and explained the significant services they provided to the pharma industry. I subsequentially decided to check out this organization and after attending a few meetings, I was so impressed that I decided to join this organization. In 1988, a significant international event, the “International Health Conference” was held in Ottawa. This incredible special event coincided with the opening of the new magnificent “National Gallery of Canada” in Ottawa and took place at this location. Invited guests included the FDA Director Dr. Kessler, Health Canada Director Dr. Ian Henderson, and European Health directors. At the event, I was honored to meet and lunch with Dr. Henderson and Dr. Kessler.


Through the years I appreciated the superb contribution that the PSG provided in personnel training and the certification courses provided for regulatory affairs, manufacturing, and laboratory support, etc. I initially joined many PSG committees and subsequently became committee chairman. I was incredibly involved in the planning and organizing of many training programs including the Annual Conference and was thrilled to be nominated to their Board of Directors. In 2018, I was honored to receive the PSG Lifetime Achievement Award and be named as a member of their distinguished Advisory Board.


Over the past year, the organization has and is currently experiencing some challenging times. However together with their leadership, Board of Directors, Advisors, and Executives they have managed to accommodate and grow significantly. The PSG is now recognized throughout Canada providing vital support to the biopharmaceutical, medical device, drug discovery, and food industries and are meeting the present COVID-19 situation by providing a significant number of training programs with certification including providing meetings/conferences online. Furthermore, PSG’s new online webinar library offers several excellent training resources. Our members are offered several free networking/educational events as well. PSG encourages members to volunteer and participates in various committees, enabling us to grow together for the benefit of the industry as a whole. I would like to especially acknowledge the outstanding support and contribution of our President Ben Lee, Executive Director Amanda Wright, Board members, office support staff, and volunteers- especially in these challenging times. It has been my great privilege to be a part of this organization and I look forward to many more years of serving our members and our industry.


- Max Zive, President, Zipharm International Inc.

2018 PSG Lifetime Achievement Award

Recipient & Advisory Board Member

Ex-Officio, PSG Board of Directors