Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I purchase a membership?
    • You can purchase a membership by visiting the membership options page and selecting a membership
      • You may purchase a membership online via VISA, MasterCard or PayPal.
      • Please contact us for alternate payment options.
      • If you wish to purchase memberships in bulk, please contact us.
  2. How may I change my membership?
    1. Please visit the change your membership page to upgrade your membership.
    2. You may remove your paid membership by visiting the account cancellation page.
      • Note: You will still have full access to your membership privileges for the length of time that you have paid for.
  3. How can I gain access to the webinar library?
    • You need to purchase a Pro Plus membership in order to have access to the full recorded webinars.
  4. How can I view the full details of a job on the job board?
    • A student, Pro or Pro Plus membership is required to access this feature.
  5. How may I see a list of events that I have purchased tickets for?
    1. You can do this by visiting the My Events page.
      • There is a legend that indicates what each of the colours and icons mean.
    2. (Applicable to members who existed before the website update) You can view events before May 2017 by clicking on the Events before May 2017 link located at the bottom of the My Events page.