PSG Virtual Procurement Event

  • February 2, 2021
    1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Take advantage of this unique event to build new partnerships and networks!


The PSG is launching our first-ever “Virtual Procurement Event” on February 2nd, 2021 from 1-4 PM EST. We recognize the unique challenges our industry is faced with during this unprecedented time with the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this event, we hope to help businesses to reconnect, open lines of communication, and build new networks in order to support the needs of the pharma industry.

PLUS there will be a complimentary Keynote Address “How Large Pharma Companies are Adapting Amid the Pandemic” delivered by the speakers from Apotex:

Ramandeep Bagga, VP of Procurement

Dr. Pere Paton, EVP, Global API and Procurement (GAPIP).


This is your chance to be introduced directly to large pharmaceutical companies in drug manufacturing, R&D, and more. In speed dating style, you will have 15-minute rotations to meet online with procurement officers to pitch your business proposals. Purchase your tickets today!


How Will This Work?


♦    Rank our participating companies by preference. Let us know (in priority sequence) who you would like to connect with. Your list does not need to include all participating companies – just those applicable to your business. The PSG will use your ranking to schedule your appointments within the event’s 3-hour time frame.


♦    One-on-one private meetings. Ahead of the event, you will receive your personal schedule.  You will have 15 minutes to meet online and pitch your business with exclusive representatives from your chosen companies. This will be a private session where you will have access to video chat and screen share features.


♦    Build relationships and networks. Given the uncertainties with COVID-19, this will be a great opportunity for businesses to connect online with one another. Take advantage of this unique event to build new partnerships and networks!





♦  Do your research. Know who you will be speaking to and prepare your pitch according to specific company values and needs.


♦  Acknowledge what “pain points” companies are experiencing. Due to COVID-19, our industry has been faced with unique challenges including delayed shipping, importation restrictions, and increased costs. Addressing relevant issues may be key to help you succeed!


♦  Dress for success. This event will allow for video chat. Check your surroundings and test your tech including your camera and mic. Treat this as you would be meeting people in person.


♦  Be prepared to present. This event will allow you to share your screen. Get creative with a visual slideshow. Practice your pitch and remember you only have 15 minutes to make an impression!




Participating Companies:




Vendor Ticket: $350.00 On Sale