Good Clinical Practices (GCP) and Global Clinical Research on the Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids for the Cannabis Industry
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  • July 23, 2019
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm


3550 Pharmacy Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M1W 3Z3

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In this workshop we will overview the current state of evidence of health effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids, the use of clinical research in establishing risks and benefits for patient benefits and ethical marketing, fundamentals of Health Canada GCP (good clinical practice) standards that allow the Cannabis industry to conduct clinical trials for testing the efficacy and safety of Cannabis products. Selected clinical trials on Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids, their design and methodologies, as well as general recommendations for using medical cannabinoids in clinical trials will be covered and discussed.


Primary care physicians can incorporate medical cannabinoids into their prescribing practices by being informed with best available clinical research evidence and using a simplified, shared decision-making approach with their patients based on findings from clinical research. Clinical trials on the use of various products of Cannabis, based on the audience interest, will be discussed.


Course Outline


  1. Introduction and overview of Regulatory Requirements for clinical research in Canada
  2. Fundamentals of Health Canada Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
  3. Standards for testing the efficacy and establishing the safety profile of Cannabis products
  4. Roles of sponsors, investigators, ethics boards in Cannabis clinical research
  5. Required documentation for GCP
  6. Protection of Human Subjects in clinical trials
  7. Indications for using Cannabis in clinical trials
  8. Recent trends in global Cannabis clinical research
  9. The health effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids
  10. Current state of scientific and medical evidence and recommendations for performing Cannabis research
  11. Latest medical cannabinoid prescribing algorithm in Canada


SPEAKER: Pr. Peivand Pirouzi 


Peivand holds a Ph.D in Physiology and Biophysics School of Medicine, University of Sherbrook, and an MBA from American Business Administration Institute, and he is accredited by the Canadian Council of Pharmaceutical Education with certificates in Evidence Based Medicine, Psychiatry, and Management.


Peivand’s industrial experience includes Wyeth/Pfizer, ApoPharma/Apotex, as well as collaborations with EliteMed and Medipure Pharmaceuticals.  His government and corporate training experience covers companywide pharmaceutical and sales training on a multitude of subjects.  He has extensive pharmaceutical teaching experience to personnel ranging from Health Canada Inspectorate (in pharmacovigilance) to pharma industry organizations such as Nestle, Teva, Biopharma Services, 3M, Medipure Pharmaceuticals and Patheon.

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