Cold Chain Management Re-engineering: Myths & Truth

  • DateJune 12, 2019
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm


15 Allstate Parkway, Suite 600, Markham, Ontario, Canada, L3R 5B4

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Cold Chain Management has been a very hot and popular topic for the past two decades.  Since then, experts and professionals have been spending a tremendous amount of time and effort in advocating countless seminars, workshops and studies on cold chain management and improvement.  Despite this today, frequent cold chain excursions still occur.


Sherman Cheung, the former Senior Supply Chain Director of Sanofi Pasteur Ltd. led and advocated a very different approach upon cold chain management since the early 2000’s.  His best-practice Cold Chain Operations Reference (CCOR) thoroughly assessed and re-engineered the entire cold chain distribution/shipment process and effectively warranted ‘cold-chain safe’ shipment.


In this 1-day workshop the following topics will be discussed:

  1. The Myths and Truth of Cold Chain Management
  2. The Shipment Process- overview and high-risk steps
  3. The Packaging- the insulation material and energy provider
  4. The Logistic stakeholders and their roles in cold chain management
  5. The Itinerary and shipment mode- the one mostly ignored
  6. The track and trace- the most important diagnose & improvement process
  7. The Cold Chain Re-think/Re-engineer- new ways to manage cold chain distribution

Real case studies will also be presented along with additional presentations from key industry stakeholders who will share their professional knowledge and expertise.



SPEAKER: Sherman Cheung

Sherman is a former Senior Director of Supply Chain Management of Sanofi Pasteur Limited.  He re-engineered the cold chain management process for Sanofi and helped the industry to leapfrog the cold chain technology and break through improvement.  He is also the inventor of the Pallet Shipper.


Before joining Sanofi, Sherman worked in various Senior Executive Positions for several Fortune 100 multi-national corporations such as Dow Chemical Company, Jardine Pacific, and Sea Land/Maersk Lines.


Sherman possesses an MBA and Industrial Engineering degree.  He is also a member of several supple chain professional associations of Planning, Logistics/Distribution and Purchasing.  He is also a certified Change Management facilitator.

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