Natural Health Products – An Introduction to Regulatory Requirements

  • June 20, 2017
    9:00 am - 4:30 pm


4646 Dufferin St. Unit 6, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M3H 5S4

Certification Areas

Event Objective

This 1-day workshop provides an overview of the Canadian regulatory and quality requirements for natural health products (NHPs). The course is designed to provide necessary basic practical knowledge to enable you to successfully market natural health products in Canada. It will provide an overview of required marketing authorization applications and ongoing regulatory and quality assurance obligations. Practical examples, links to online information and in-class help will be provided to give you the right tools to fulfill regulatory requirements.

Event Description

This course will include a discussion of the following topics:


  • Overview of the Natural Health Product Regulations
    • -Focus will be on the regulations guiding import, distribution, licensing, testing, manufacturing and adverse event reporting


  • Classification of products on the NHP-drug, food and cosmetic interface; includes practical examples and guidelines


  • NHP licensing requirements for product licenses (NPN license) and site licenses for importers and Canadian manufacturers, packagers and labellers.
    • Key topics will include how to file a license application; Health Canada review times; and considerations before filing an application


  • Ongoing quality assurance and quality control requirements for natural health products (e.g. quality documentation systems, SOPs, quality agreements, GMP, labelling, batch testing, stability, complaint handling, adverse event reporting)

Who should attend

Graduates, employees with new responsibilities or interest in quality assurance and regulatory affairs for natural health products. Sales and marketing professionals. Individuals who would like to market a natural health product in Canada.


Registration Deadline: 13 Jun 2017

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